Wohlfahrt 60 studies no.29

Wohlfahrt 60 Studies op.45 no.29 in A Major gives us opportunity to work on beginning slurred arpeggios.  Intonation: work with harmony Usually violinists have to work with other instrumentalists, like pianists and other string players, so that when we work on intonation, we need to think about playing in harmony.  I provided the harmony in […]

Wohlfahrt Sixty Studies op.45, no.17

  German violinst/violin teacher, Franz Wohlfahrt (1888-1894) wrote a wonderful etudes, Sixty Studies, op.45, which can be the very first etudes for the beginning students. Wohlfahrt op.45, no. 17 no.17 offers the opportunity to develop detache strokes, sense of arpeggios (=intonation) as well as string crossings, and rhythm. Structure It looks like there are many […]