Comparison: old strings vs new strings

My strings are extremely old.

What happens when the strings gets very, very old?

Please listen:

Can you hear the pitch of the E string go lower after I lift the bow from the string?

It is terrible… 🙁 No body to the sound, either…


A couple of days later, I finally changed the strings and played open strings as the example above.

The strings were not quite stabilized yet at this point.

The basic setting of the recorder and the environment is the same.

However, I’m sure you hear a big difference when the strings are old versus new.

The difference was even bigger because I’m using a different brand of strings this time.

I tuned the same (A=441), but even the pitches sound different.

With new strings, you ‘ll notice that the same pitch will remain, even after I lift the bow from the string, as well as more volume and greater clarity of the sound.

We must change strings when the time is right. 

Don’t wait too long as I did.

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