De Beriot – Fantasie-Caprice in Introducing the Positions for Violin, Vol.1

Fantasie-Caprice by De Beriot, concert etude in the first, third and fifth positions is the last piece (no.218) in Introducing the Positions for Violin, Vol.1. a little about De Beriot Charles De Beriot (1802-1870) is a French violinist/composer wrote many violin litterature including ten violin concertos. I’m sure many students learn De Berio’s violin concerto […]

Introducing the Positions vol.1 no.203 / Sevcik Violin Studies op.8 no.10

Introducing the Positions for violin Vol.1 (third and fifth positions), Vol. 2 (2nd, 4th, 6th and 7th positions) by Harvey S. Whistler (Rubank/Hal Leonard) are wonderful books to use in order to learn positions and shifting. Introducing the Positions vol. 1 no.203 is a abbreviation of Sevcik Violin Studies op.8 no.10, for the students who […]