[How to practice] Corelli La Folia (Suzuki Bk 6): mm.97-104 and Adagio

Arcangello Corelli (1653-1713) La Folia is a wonderful work and everyone who learn the violin encounter for the first time in Suzuki Book 6 and/or Shinozaki Violin Method Vol. 4.

There are different editions of Correli La Folia available

Corelli was a Italian violinist, composer and a teacher in Baroque era, but in the time before Bach and Handel.

There are different editions of Corelli La Folia. Even Suzuki and Shinozaki editions are different. I learned Leonard Hubert (G. Schirmer) edition long time ago, and several years ago, my friend in Japan handed to me the Gustave Jensen (International) edition, saying we’ll play it together sometimes in the future.

If you explore in Youtube, there are different style of performances can found: romantic approach, baroque approach, with modern violin and piano, of baroque ensemble etc.

No matter what path you will choose, it is important to learn the notes of the music you are studying correctly.

Thank you for the beautiful photo of Corelli: http://www.hoasm.org/VIIIA/Corelli.html

Many students have some problem 12/8 section (mm.97-104) and more so in Adagio section (mm.105-112).

Let’s look into both sections closely.

12/8 section (mm.97-104)

Most problematic section is the 32nds notes. I’d like everyone to be able to understand very clearly how the beat falls. Not only the beat of in 4, but also the beat of in 12.

How would you draw beat lines of in 4 as well as in 12 in mm.100-101?

The answer is…

Practice the rhythm accurately.

Adagio (mm.105-112)

This is the most problematic section for all students at this level.

The combination of quater note, triplets, and 16th notes with ties can be very confusing at the beginning.

How would you put the beat lines of in 3 in this section?

The answer is…

La Folia Adagio

At the beginning stage of learning, I highly recommend to work without grace notes as well as play all the tied notes as the recording below. You can find it by clicking the time stamp which says “3:58 Adagio practice suggestion”.

Let’s practice together !

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