Preparation for Good Left Hand Position for beginners


Left hand has very important role of creating pitches, articulation and vibrato. In order to train correctly, we have to always search the best position for your hand, which functions the best for you. For the children, be strict, however, for adult students, it may be better to be slightly more flexible.

Preparation for Good Left Hand Position

The motion below is very simple and basic, however, it is always good to come back to it at any time of your violin journey. Before placing your fingers on the fingerboard, we can do this series of motions as a warming up, as well as to find the good position of your left hand and arm.

1. Hold the violin up (about parallel to the ground) at the playing position.

2. Grip the neck by wrapping up your left hand around it. The left palm is touching the neck of the violin.

left hand preparation 1
left hand preparation 1 in different angle

3. Relax your left hand and arm, and place your fingers on the G string, nicely curved / rounded.

left hand preparation 2

4. Keep your left hand and arm relaxed, as well as the left fingers nicely rounded. You can now straighten your left wrist away from the violin, creating some space between your palm and the neck of the violin. The line from the elbow to the hand is straight.

left hand preparation 3

5. You can move your hand keeping the same shape from on G string, D string, A string, E string, E string, A string, D string, G string repeatedly. Do you notice your left arm swings inward (your elbow comes toward your right) to outward (toward your left) , outward to inward? Right. When you play the violin, left arm does NOT stay at the same position all the time. (I’d like to upload photo or video for this eventually.)

More left hand positioning:

Left hand positioning on the violin – let’s find a mouse hall !

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