Shinozaki Violin Method Bk 1, no.95 / Hohmann Practical Method for violin Bk 1, no.43

Welcome to E string section for the new learner, and for the student who is now more getting used to playing E string.

F natural intonation, especially, is a little bit difficult at the beginning, so please listen carefully and practice no. 93.

After no.93, you will be able to hear the violin duet of no. 95, which came from another book called Hohmann’s practical method for the violin book 1.

After the duet, I recorded the second violin part only, so that you can play along your part with it.

It may be a little tricky because the recording will not make any adjustment for you, but count the rests carefully and please try to play along with both repeats. You need to count 2 empty measures (which is 6 beats=6 clicks, and on the 7th beat, you’ll start your part. If you come in correctly, the second violin part will follow you automatically. 🙂

You can also try playing along with the duet recording, so that you will understand how your part should be played. 🙂

Let’s see how well you can do this assignment and you may show me playing along with it at your next lesson 🙂

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