Staccato on the violin [Shinozaki Violin Method Vol. 1]

about the Shinozaki Violin Method

Shinozaki Violin Method is one of the most popular violin method book in Japan, along with Suzuki Books.

I grew up with this series (contains 4 thicker books) and I often use the Vol. 1 for my beginning students.

The volume one of Shinozaki Violin Method covers Suzuki Book 1-2 level.

It has many small exercises along with short fun pieces.

When I started teaching, it was not available via Amazon, but now it is, and the price is about the same as purchasing it in Japan.

What is staccato in music?

Staccato is one of the way to articulate a note. When we see the staccato on the note, we play the note to be about half of the duration (short) and make clear breaks between the notes.

How to play staccato on the violin ?

Shinozaki Violin Method, Vol.1 no.107 is a C Major scale written as 8th notes in order to introduce the staccato stroke.

Mr. Shinozaki explains a quarter note with staccato should be played as a eighth note, thus below A and B has about the same articulation.

When we play the staccato, we use fast bow, and before we play the next note, we stop the bow clearly, making silence, as well as catching the string with the bow hair in order to play the note very clearly articulated. We need to move the bow rather horizontally than vertically.

Shinozaki Violin Method Vol. 1

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