The Dotted Quater note, Haru ga kita / Spring has Come (Shinozaki Violin Method Vol.1 no. 88)

This is the first time for you to see a dotted quater note.

You are opening another new door ! 🙂

I’d like you to know the meaning of the dot, but for now, I rather you to just feel and play the rhythm, since you are still young: will be a 3rd grader ! 🙂

For a dotted quater note, you can feel 3 eighth notes,


you can feel the quater note beat and play the eighth note after the click of the metronome.

A=441, quater note = 80

You can practice the same rhythm on other open strings as well, like on D string, E string, and G string.

Added on July 14 2020:

Don’t forget to practice no.87 correctly which is a preparation exercise for no.88.

There are two tempi recorded; quater note = 67 and 80. You can pick one which help you to play comfortably.

Look forward to listening a wonderful playing next time!

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