Violin Etudes Repertoire List (in the order of I learned)

I had to submit the application of ASTA-CAP: American String Teachers Association Certified Advancement Program, for my students and I was going over their repertoire with each student. The exam is in April 2020 in our area. I got an interesting question about violin etudes, so I wanted to share with you all.

What kind of violin etudes do I study?

“According to the exam guideline, at the level of your solo piece, your etudes are a little behind. You should have finished Kayser etudes and be working on Dont etudes.”

“Teacher, what kind of etudes will I study in the future?”

“Well, I’m going to list what I studied and what I use for my students:

violin etudes
violin etudes

List of violin etudes

Wohlfahrt 60 studies op.45

Kayser Elementary and Progressive studies, op.20

Dont 24 studies: Prepaatpry to Kreuzer and Rode studies, op.37

Kreuzer 42 Studies

Rode 24 Caprices

Fiolliro 36 etudes or caprices

Gavinie 24 studies

Dont 24 etudes and caprices op.35

Paganini Caprices

Wieniawski 6 Etudes-Caprices (with second violin), op.18

Wieniawski Ecole moderne etudes-caprices, op.10

“OMG~ !! That MANY???!!!” *0*

For one of my students who came from another teacher, I continued to use

Mazas Etudes Brillantes, op.36

so that she could finish the book she already had.

Mazas 75 melodious and progressive studies op.36 no.18 Romance was one of the required audition pieces for NAfME 2019:

“The NAfME All-National Honor Ensembles (ANHE) represent the top performing high school musicians in the United States.So much more than a musical showcase, the ANHE program is a comprehensive and educational experience.”

from NAfME symphonic ensemble site:


Mazas 75 Etude melodique et progressives op.36 is divided into three parts:

I Etudes speciales

II Etudes brilliantes

III Etudes d’artistes (considered to be a preparation for the Paganini Caprices)


I worked on very little on Hindemith Studies for violinists, too. (but very very little)

Sevcik and Schradiech for specific techniques

violin etudes: schradieck and sevcik
violin etudes: schradieck and sevcik

What I listed before are melodious and you can not only improve violin techniques but also music reading skill and musicality in general. Besides those etudes, there are Schradieck and Sevcik which is written for specific techniques such as dexterity, shifts, trills, double stop preparation, bowings, etc. I use these books according to students’ need.

More link: Bach Solo Sonatas and Partitas, the order I learned

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