Wohlfahrt 60 Studies for violin, no.43 moderato

Wohlfahrt 60 Studies, no.43 moderato gives us an opportunity to touch on the key of E flat Major as well as legato strokes.

Wohlfahrt 60 Studies for violin

The music suggests that there are two way of practicing this: 6 notes slurred and 12 notes sluured. At this stage, I highly recommend to practice with 6 notets per bow and aim for being in tune without sacrificing beauty of the sound.

Many of my students mention that the intonation is difficult in Wohlfahrt 60 Studies, no.43 moderato. The solution is the slow practice without slurs for the sections you are not comfortable and confident, then add slurs.

In the sound sorce below, you can find the time stamp of the section of slow practice for intonation, so you can help yourself with it.

In this type of stroke (a slur with many notes), you need to be careful to maintain appropriate amount of the bow pressure especially for the string crossing and aim for even sound.

It is a beautiful etude, so that you can enjoy playing.

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