Wohlfahrt 60 Studies for violin no.6: moderato

Wohlfahart 60 Studies for violin no.6 moderato is in F Major, even though you can see many accidentals. Same as no. 4 and no.7, this gives you another opportunity to get used to accidentals. In addition, I recommend to practice both without staccato (legato) and with staccato in order to maximize the effect of this etude.

It is written in 2/4 time, in which you need to feel two quater note beats per measure, but I recorded it in 4, four eighth notes per measure; one eighth note=57, in order to make things easier for the beginning students who learn this etude. Practice slowly and carefully.

In the following recording, you will hear it with four different kinds: legato (with and without metronome) and staccato (with and without metronome). Please click “show more” in the description area below the video, use the time stamps and skip to the section you need.

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