Bohm – Introduction and Polonaise


You are learning very well on this piece, Bohm – Introduction and Polonaise.

In order to make your final performance video, I’d like you to think about a few things.

Two different characters in Bohm – Introduction and Polonaise

There are two sections; introduction and Polonaise, which has different characters.


The bow use for the Introduction is very horizontal, connect almost all the strokes to make long lines. Also, please note it is in in g minor.


On the other hand, in the Polonaise section is in G Major. You need to lift your bow very often in order to express the happy dance character of Polonaise.

What is Polonaise?

Polonaise is a type of dance, originated in Poland as a pesant dance, later gained popularity among the nobility and townpeople. It is in 3/4 meter and its characteristic rhythm is :

typical rhythm of Polonaise

which Bohm uses many times in this piece.

Its character is celebrative, happy, grand (as you can see mm.51-68). In Polonaise, very short motives are repeated often, also some of them use triplets.

I’d like you to think about those two different characters and make good contrast between them. Also, I like you to be able to express very happy celebrative dance character of Polonaise. You do not need to hold back unnecessarily, only because you are capable of playing it. Have courage and trust yourself who worked well up to now.

You can add some rit expressions as well. The following recording is just an example. You do not have to play like that, but it may be able to give you some idea. Metronome marking is Introduction section: 68 (but please note, there is allargando= grand), and from the end of the Introduciton (piu mosso) is 98.

0:00 Introduction, 1:21 mm.31-42, 1:52 mm.49-74, 2:51 mm.77-81, 3:11 mm.85-91, 3:35 mm.91-end

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