Solos for Young Violinists, Vol.2 contents


Solos for Young Violinists is a wonderful collection of pieces and concerti for students.

It is as popular as Suzuki Books.

Vol. 2 covers the level equivalent to Suzuki Book 4 to 7 or up, using first to sixth positions.

I’d like to introduce you the content of Solos for Young Violinists, Vol. 2 here.


Mollenhauer – The Boy Paganini Fantasia

Bohm – Srabande in g minor

de Beriot – Air Varie in G Major

Rieding – Concerto in G Major, op.24 first movement

Clebanoff – Millionaire’s Hoedown

Bohm – Introduction and Polonaise, from Arabesken, no.12

Dvorak – Sonatina, op.100 firstmovement

Seitz – Cooncerto no.3 in g minor, op.12 first movement

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