Comparison: old strings vs new strings

My strings are extremely old. What happens when the strings gets very, very old? Please listen: Can you hear the pitch of the E string go lower after I lift the bow from the string? It is terrible… 🙁 No body to the sound, either… ****** A couple of days later, I finally changed the […]

Studying music is a very long journey

I have a student who is in her 60s. She has been coming to take lessons for several years. She used to come once a week and at this point, time to time, but at least once a month. She started to play the violin when she was in elementary school, but as she grew […]

Violin Strings ID Chart

One of my students was wondering which brand of strings she is currently using on her violin. She threw out the packages and does not remember the brand name at all. One can tell which brand of strings are on the violin from the colored wraps at the end of strings at the tail piece […]

How to put a shoulder rest on the violin

My seven-year-old beginning student always repositions her violin many times before she starts playing. “I wonder why you always need to reposition the violin. 🙂 I’m sure it is uncomfortable for you. May I see your violin? “ I checked the position of her shoulder and her violin and found that the position of the […]

Inspiring Students

I encountered this Youtube video: I also witnessed that Jonathan is experiencing a “beautiful world” for the first time, which touched my heart. The work of a “teacher” in any field can instill a great influence on students which can change their life. My violin life was also tremendously affected by my teacher. He was […]