De Beriot – Fantasie-Caprice in Introducing the Positions for Violin, Vol.1

Fantasie-Caprice by De Beriot, concert etude in the first, third and fifth positions is the last piece (no.218) in Introducing the Positions for Violin, Vol.1.

a little about De Beriot

Charles De Beriot (1802-1870) is a French violinist/composer wrote many violin litterature including ten violin concertos. I’m sure many students learn De Berio’s violin concerto no.9 in a minor, which can be found in the Solos for Young Violinists, Vol.4

His works are very good for students in order to develp musicality and violin tecnique of Romantic style, before one starts to study major violin concertos.

When you practice Beriot – Fantasie-Caprice

  • Many students have difficulty with the rhythm at the beginning. Count carefully.
  • m.7 is in the 3rd positions. (not the 4th position)
  • Stay in the position until you see the fingering, which indicates the position change.
  • Be patient and get the rhythm and intonation correctly, then you can play faster, if you’d like.

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