Wohlfahrt 60 Studies op.45 no.3 moderato

Wohlfahrt 60 Studies op. 45 no.3 moderato is a practice of detache stroke in G Major.

Welocme to the students who just started to use “etudes, ” since Wohlfahrt 60 Studies can be your very first etude book.

By just looking at some etudes in the book, they seems difficult and longer than the pieces in Suzuki Book 1 and the beginning of Book 2, but you will get used it very quickly.

Never feel pressure and learn the notes well.

I’m playing with the pulse of eighth notes (like 4/8) with metronome marking 40 and 56.

Eventually you will be able to feel in two (2/4), but for now, you can practice slowly like I suggested.

Learning the violin is a long long journey. Let’s enjoy every moment of it.

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