Thinking of my move to a different country, my collection of music involves a lot of weight. I will bring all the music I seriously worked on with my teachers, as well as all the must for me, however, I have to eliminate a lot of music which I used as copies, which can be easily obtained through the internet now. For the rare music, which is difficult to even purchase, and the music, which I will probably not play in the future, I’m trying to scan and store in my PC everyday, little by little.

Now, musicians started to use their tablets to put on the music stand, but I still prefer paper, but when I started to play in an orchestra for fun, I felt obtaining the sheet music was so exciting and it was valuable to me. Even though  they were copied, I kept almost all the music I played since then, so I have a huge collection of chamber, orchestral and solos etc.

This (orchestral) part was pasted onto a sketchbook, well glued page by page, at that time in order to play in the orchestra.

It still looks pretty neat and holding the music very well. It stay on the music stand very well, too. I can see that there are some cut and paste sections in order to make the page turn easier.

By looking at it, flipping the pages, it brings me back to that time, but I will just keep this photo here and say good-bye to it.

I still have not gotten used to throwing out a lot of music in the trash, even though they are all copied.

I try to use some to be scribble papers and other purposes, but it is not quite a happy feeling to put music in the trash 🙁

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