Introducing the positions for violin vol.1, no.1-9, 10-18

Welcome to the new world of the 3rd position!

about 3rd position on the violin

By learning the 3rd position, you can use more area on the fingerboard, as you can see below, even though there will be only one brand new note you’ll learn on the 3rd position, which is the high D, played with the fourth finger on the E string.

high D, the new note on the 3rd position

Yellow is the basic area for the fist position

Orange is basic area for the 3rd position


You will be learning how to change the positions from the 1st to the 3rd as well, by using the technique called “shifting.”

I’m playing the “preparation” to be my original, as below, in order to practice shifting already at this point with every exercise introduced in the book.

When you shift, be sure to move your whole left hand / arm to go to the 3rd position. Never leave your thumb on the 1st position, which I often see when students just started to learn the position change.

At the beginning, for some students, getting the right pitches is very difficult. Please listen carefully to the recording below and work on them.

Some of you may feel like learning a new language, but you’ll get used it.

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Happy Practicing !

More article: Practice of shifting to 3rd position: Introducing the Positions Vol. 1 no.87 by Hohmann

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