Is there anything I should do before I put my violin back in the case?

When When you finished your lesson or practicing, wipe the instrument off with a cloth. 🙂

If you don’t wipe off the rosin, it sometimes will harden on the instrument.

In that case, you will have to ask an expert to clean the violin.

The deposit could also include other things like hand oil, sweat or dust.

As a teacher, I often talk while holding the instrument during lessons, so vapor from my breath could also accumulate my instrument as well.

I personally have two clothes.

One is for wiping off rosin on the violin and the bow and another one is for other deposits and general cleaning like wiping the fingerboard, tailpiece, and chin rest.

Choose a soft cloth and wipe the violin gently.

At this point, I do not use any polishing material.

I try to bring my instrument to the violin shop once a year and get a professional cleaning.

Don’t forget to wipe off the rosin on the bow as well. 🙂

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