Today, let me introduce you how to clean a violin and a bow.

Clean your violin with soft dry cloth gentelly

Every time you finished your lesson or practicing, wipe the instrument off with a soft cloth. 🙂

It does not take much time and it is very easy to do, so we should make a habit to do so and take care our instruments.

Why is it necessary to clean your violin often?

If you don’t wipe off the rosin, it sometimes will harden on the instrument and prevent the vibration and resonance of the violin.

Also, if the rosin will stick to your violin, you will have to ask an expert to clean the violin professionally.

The deposit could also include other things like hand oil, sweat or dust.

As a teacher, I often talk while holding the instrument during lessons, so vapor from my breath could also accumulate my instrument as well.

I would use two soft cloth

I personally have two pieces of cloth.

One is for wiping off rosin on the violin and the bow, and another one is for other deposits and general cleaning like wiping the fingerboard, tailpiece, and chin rest.

Especially for the ladies, who ware make ups need to clean up the chin rest well, since the foundation is easily stay on it.

You can choose soft cloth and wipe the violin gently.

At this point, I personally do not use any polishing material because my violin varnish is the original.

I try to bring my instrument to the violin shop once a year and get a professional cleaning.

Clean your bow stick as well

Don’t forget to wipe off the rosin on the bow as well. 🙂

You will clean only the stick, not the bow hair.

You will put the cloth in between the stick and the hair and gentlly wrap the cloth around the stick and move up and down.

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