Kosciuszko Foundation Wieniawski Violin Competition goes Online

Under the circumstance, the Kosciuszko Foundation Wieniawski Violin Competition is going to be online.

I found the Khachaturian International Competition 2020 (violin):


and 2020 Klein International String Competition:


were held online as well.

I watched some parts of the competitions. The participants performed wonderfully. However, it looked very strange for me to see the soloists and the orchestra are in different locations.

A music performance is originally intended to be in front of a live audience. Performers react to the energy from a live audience.

Lessons also can be a preparation for a performance, so when we play / perform for teachers, and teachers in turn actively react and respond when sharing the time and space together. Lessons are a place for live communicationand live interaction in order to make things better. However, it cannot be done under the current circumstances.

It’s convenient to be online so that we do not have to travel. It can save time and the cost of transportation. However, we cannot fully experience the live interaction, he exchange of energy, as well as the excitement (or the nervousness) of performing.

However, we still have to do our best no matter which situation we are in.

Whoever participates in the competition, Good Luck 🙂

Kosciuszko Foundation Wieniawski Violin Competition https://www.kfwieniawski.org/

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