Introducing the Positions vol.1 no.203 / Sevcik Violin Studies op.8 no.10

Introducing the Positions for violin Vol.1 (third and fifth positions), Vol. 2 (2nd, 4th, 6th and 7th positions) by Harvey S. Whistler (Rubank/Hal Leonard) are wonderful books to use in order to learn positions and shifting.

Introducing the Positions vol. 1 no.203 is a abbreviation of Sevcik Violin Studies op.8 no.10, for the students who are learning 1st, 3rd and 5th positions.

The original Sevcik op.8 no.10 is:

Sevcik op.8 no.10

and the selected sections are used for no.203 of Introducing Positions Vol. 1, which is a very useful reduction.

Sevcik op.8 no.10 marked

I highly recommend students to practice with supportive notes in order to get the feel of change the position first, then get the notes, as below:

I’d like my students to be able to write in (or just play) the supportive notes to the rest of the exercise of no.203, applying the same idea shown above.

After you figure out the supportive notes, you can refer the recording below:

introducing the positions vol 1 no.203 with supportive notes A=441, eighth note=60

Happy Practicing 🙂

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