Violin and Tendinitis

This is my own experience: I have had a tennis elbow on my right (bow arm) elbow twice, and now I face tendinitis on my left wrist. t was told in the past that my hand may not be good for playing the violin as my hand width is narrow, but the fingers are long. […]

Inspiring Students

I encountered this Youtube video: I also witnessed that Jonathan is experiencing a “beautiful world” for the first time, which touched my heart. The work of a “teacher” in any field can instill a great influence on students which can change their life. My violin life was also tremendously affected by my teacher. He was […]

What is cresc. ?

“Here, you see cresc. (crescendo) .What does it mean?” “Get louder !” “Correct ! then, how? Suddenly get louder? or…” “Gradually.” “Right ! That is very important. “When you see cresc. it means still soft. You just prepare in your mind it is going to get louder, but with a steady gradual increase. Of course, […]