Yes. I do. 🙂

I have a teacher, and my teacher also had a teacher, too. 🙂

I still go to see him, play to him and get some input and advice.

It is only once a year or so, but I am still studying and exploring different works of different composers,

as well as the violin technique.

My teacher is a wonderful violinist, artist, and human being.

I think he is about 75 years old or so, but he still practices and performs regularly.

He changed my life.

…and I may change your life, too. 🙂


My sstudent, Leanne was very very good student. She was about 10yr old then. She was rather mateur at her age, but it was very cute of her to ask me the question and reacted that way. The western music has a long history. In the stream, teachers always pass on his/her experience and thoughts to their students. I was taught and I’m teaching. Maybe some of my students may teach someone, too.

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