Shinozaki Violin Method Vol.1 no.119, 120 German Dance, no.121 Nearer My God to Thee, no.122 Ordway Dreaming of Home and Mother, no.123 Jingle Bells

No.120 German Dance

As you can see in the title, it is a dance. So it would be wonderful if you can play this cheerfully with energy. There are some students who get lost, since the same notes are often repeated. Also, it is hard to feel it in two meter for some beginning students.

But do not worry too much and aim to play all the notes. The first note is a pick up note. Make sure to start with an up bow.

Allegretto means, “small Allegro”. It does not have to be as energetic as Allegro. You do not have to play it that fast. Please do not feel pushed and choose the tempo you can play well comfortably.

This is for more advanced students, but if you are interested, you can read the article below about the pick up.

“What is the pick up in music?” at the lesson of Dancla Air Varie for violin and piano op.89 no.6

It is a very famous Christian hymn. Use enough bow and sing well.

This hymn is famous in another regard; this tune was played by musicians on the Titanic even while the ship was sinking in the movie “Titanic”. 

no.122 Ordway  Dreaming of Home and Mother

John Ordway (1824-1880) is an American songwriter who shared the time with Stephen Foster who composed “Old Black Joe” found in the Shinozaki Violin Method Vol. 1 no.134. 

Shinozaki Violin Method Vol.1 no.134 Foster Old Black Joe – no.138

Moderato means moderately. You do not need to play too fast, or too slow.

In measure 7, some students have difficulty moving the 2nd finger A string to D string, low to high. Don’t worry, it is not only you ! 😊

If that is the case, practice like below, and then try playing as the music.

no.123 Jingle Bells

Everyone knows this Christmas song, Jingle Bells. There’s a section in which the rhythm is a little complicated, but usually students can get by very well, since the song is so familiar. It is so nice to play the piece you know well. Enjoy playing ! 😊 

“Teacher, it is still November”. “Yes, it is, but if you start practicing on the day of Christmas, that means you are not ready to perform Jingle Bells on the day. That is why it is better to start now, and you can enjoy playing it on the Christmas day very, very well. What do you think? 😊” “Yes, you are right !” I had a conversation with my student. 😊

Let’s practice together !

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Happy Practicing ♪

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