Wohlfahrt 60 Studies for violin op.45, no.17

German violinst/violin teacher, Franz Wohlfahrt (1888-1894) wrote a wonderful etudes, Sixty Studies, op.45, which can be the very first etudes for the beginning students.

Wohlfahrt 60 Studies for violin op.45, no.17

no.17 offers the opportunity to develop detache strokes, sense of arpeggios (=intonation) as well as string crossings, and rhythm.


It looks like there are many notes ! but don’t worry, it is repetitive as you can see below.



In A section and B section, only the second half is different.

C section is new, but it is repeated as the second half becomes D.

If you work on those sections, A, B, C, and D, you actually know the whole etude. 😊

For the intonation

In order to aim to get better intonation, I provided the harmony in the video below. I know it is not easy, but if you can afford, listen to the harmony given while you are playing and make adjustment of your intonation.

or You can check the intonation of A, D, G, E with opens strings as often as possible.

Especially, pitch D is very important here, since this etude is in D Major.

We call D “tonic” in D Major.

For the rhythm

Hold the half notes long enough. If we subdivide the beats with eighth notes, as the recording below, half notes take four of them.

It is long. 😊

The key word: Moderato assai

Moderato means moderately, and assai means very.

If we put them together, it means very moderately.

I interpret this to be, you never need to play too fast, never need to rush. 😊

Let’s practice together !

In this video, the sections A: beginning to m. 8, B: mm.9-16, C: mm.17-24, D: 29-32 are played with metronome eighth notes = 85 with harmony, without harmony, as well as harmony alone to help you practice. Use the time stamps to start from the certain points.

After you learn the sections, you’ll try playing the whole etude.

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Happy Practicing ♪

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