Shinozaki Violin Method Vol.1 no.68, 71, 72, 73, 74, 75, 76

Shinozaki Violin Method is one of the most popular violin method book in Japan. I grew up with it and now I went through it again with my students realizing how well this book is written.

Today, we work on no. 68 on.

For all the contents, there are two tempi (=tempos) of recordings listed.

  1. Please click Youtube sign at the right side bottom of the following video and go to Youtube site.

2. Below the video, you will see the red circle which has “d” in it. Even Below it, you’ll see “Show More”, so please click it and find the time stamps.

3. As I mentioned on the description, First one is a little slower, and the second one is a little faster than that.

4. Please pick the one you feel comfortable, and you can listen carefully to check if you are not playing some wrong notes.

If the tempo is good for you, you may try to play along with the recording to see if you are doing OK.

I look forward to hearing you at the next lesson !

Happy Practicing !

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