Wohlfahrt 60 Studies for violin no.20: Allegro

Wohlfahrt 60 Studies for violin op.45 no.20 is the only etude in g minor in Book 1 (no.1-30).

I introduce it to the students who is learning g minor section in Shinozaki Violin Method Vol.2, Suzuki Book 2 and 3.

First step is simply learn the notes, play it in tune, with correct rhythm, with slurs.

Allegro in Italian means “lively,” which indicates faster side in tempo. However, it is still in 3, so I think it does not have to be played too fast, as if it is written in one.

Even though crescendos are very interesting, especially for those who is at the level of Suzuki Books and Shinozaki Vol.2, they can be treated as “no diminuendos”, rather than real crescendos. Just treating them as “no dim.” students can carry the energy of the music forward.

Following is an example of playing it. Let’s enjoy working on it.

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Happy Practicing!

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