Shinozaki Violin Method Vol.2, no. 47, 48: Silent Night, 49: Mozart from Piano Sonata no.11

Shinozaki Violin Method Vol. 2, no. 47-49 is still in A Major Section.

no.47: preparation

no.47 is a preparation for no.48 and no.49. Let’s get the rhythm right and become familiar with the bowings.

no.48: Gruber – Silent Night

In December, we hear this song every year. Everyone in the world knows this song. In 1818 in Austria, a priest wrote the lyrics and asked Franz Gruber, who was the organist at his church, to compose the music. Isn’t it wonderful that people around the world love songs which represent the spirit of Christmas?

I’m sure you have sung this song. When we play it on the violin, we have to change the bow direction: up, down, up, down, but when we sing, we sing a long phrase without taking a breath. While you are practicing, you can think about connecting the stroke as if you are singing in one breath.

Also, you can feel the energy of music which goes along with the pitch of the notes. When you are singing a lower pitch, the energy of music is less. But as the pitch of the notes goes higher, the energy of the music also increases, doesn’t it?

no. 49: Mozart from Piano Sonata no. 11

This is the beginning of the Piano Sonata no.11 by Mozart. It is a very famous section. I’m sure you’ve heard it before.

I was thinking this is part of the second movement or something for a long time, but actually this is the very beginning of the Piano Sonata. I remember that I was very surprised to find that out.

It is very simple, yet difficult to play Mozart well. The student who is still learning to play the violin may be able to play comfortably and without thinking too much.

Mr. Shinozaki’s bowing is the same as the piano music, but this bowing may force you to emphasize the up bows unnecessarily, so we have to be careful.

It is a  beautiful, very memorable phrase by Mozart, so let’s enjoy practicing.

Let’s practice together !

Shinozaki Violin Method Vol.2 no.47, 48 Silent Night, and no.48 Mozart Piano Sonata

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Happy Practicing !

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