Suzuki Violin Book 1, no. 4: Go Tell Aunt Rhody, no.5: O Come, Little Children, no.6: May Song

As I mentioned in the previous article, all my students who learned Shinozaki Violin Method Vol.1 1-145 start using the Suzuki Books. All the students already learned May Song in D Major in Shinozaki Violin Method Vol. 1 no. 132, which is now in A Major in Suzuki Book 1. Let’s be familiar with the key of A Major.

Suzuki Book 1, no.4: Go Tell Aunt Rhody

Suzuki Violin Book 1, no.4 Go Tell Aunt Rhody

Suzuki Book 1, no.5: O Come, Little Children

Suzuki Violin Book 1 no. 5 O Come, Little Children

Suzuki Book 1, no.6: May Song

Suzuki Violin Book 1, no.6 May Song

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