Solos for Young Violinists, Vol.1 contents


Solos for Young Violinists is a wonderful collection of violin pieces and concerti for students.

It is now so popular as well as Suzuki books.

There are six volumes total, and volume 1 covers the level of Suzuki book 1 through 5, first and thrid position, including the first position extention.

I’d like to introduce the contents here of the volume 1.


French Folk Song in A Major

English Folk Song in D Major

Bohemian Folk Song in e minor

Welsh Air in G Major

French Folk Song, Good pierrot in A Major

Bohemian Folk Song, Winter in E Major

Russian Folk Song, Caterpillar! Caterpillar! in F Major

Scotch Folk Song, Lullaby in Bflat Major

Bach/Seely Brown – March in D Major

Bach/Seely Brown – Musette in D Major

Bach/Seely Brown – Giguetta in C Major

Papini/Applebaum – Theme and Variation in G Major

Huber Concertino in G Major, op.8, no.4

Kroll – Donkey Doodle

Jenkinson – Elves Dance

Gabriel-Marie – La Cinquantaine

Trott – The Puppet Show, op.5, no.1

L. Mendelssohn – Mosquito Dance, op, 62, no.5

Kuchler – Concertino in D Major, op. 15

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