Weber – Hunter’s Chorus [suzuki violin book 2]

a little about Weber

Carl Maria von Weber (1786-1826) was a German composer, conductor, pianist, guitarist.He is famous for his operas.

The Hunter’s Chorus is from his operas “Der Freishutz” (1821), Act 3.

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It is sung very vigurously with French Horns.

Key of G Major

Weber – Hunter’s Chorus is in G Major.

Practice G Major scale and arpeggio before you start working on this piece.

First and Second ending

I’m sure you are very familiar with repeat signs by now.

As you know, you will repeat the section indicated by the repeat signs.

In this piece, you find the repeat signs and the brackets with numbers called “first and second ending.”

In this case, you will play up to the repeat sign on measure 34, and go back to the repeat sign on measure 23.

Then, you will keep playing to the end of the measure 32 and go to the second ending (last two measures of the piece) this time. For the second time, you will not play the 2 measures indicated by first ending.

You can hear it in the audio below.

Let’s Practice together !

There are 6 sections in this audio/video as you can see on the screen. The first section is the goal we aim for. It is slower than other performances, but at this level, this tempo is fine. Please use the time stamps to find the section which will help you.

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