[How to Practice] Long Long Ago (suzuki violin book 2)


Bayly Long Long Ago is very popular piece for beginners on any instruments.

We, as violinists, learn it for the first time in Suzuki violin book 1, and this time, on the Suzuki Book 2, we learn the variation with dynamics.

Key of G Major

Practice G Major scale and arpegggio before you practice this piece.

You can practice the scale with the bowing used in the variation (down up up)

Variation: Long Long Ago [suzuki violin book 2]


First, let’s try to make a difference: loud or soft.

For the loud section, we use more bow, and for the soft section, we use less bow.

When you use smaller amount of bow, be careful not to rush.

up bow staccato

Usually the melody is easy to play since we know the tune, but sometimes, some students have a little confusion with the variation at the beginning.

Staccato is played with faster bow with clear stops in between the notes.

I recommend working on the bow only motion using open strings as below.

Let’s practice together ! : Long Long Ago [suzuki violin book 2]

This audio/video contais:

  • the goal: playing with piano accompaniment (quarter note = 50)
  • slow practice with metronome, eigth note = 78
  • practice with metronome, quarter note = 50
  • piano accompaniment and violin to be very soft (quarter note = 50)
  • piano accompaniment only (quarter note = 50)

Please use the time stamps (click “see more”) and find the section you need.

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Handel – Chorus from Judas Maccabaeus 【Suzuki Book 2】

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