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The rosin used on bows is basically made of the sap of pine trees, and sometimes some additional ingredients, like castor oil as a softener.

Do you know what sap is?

When a pine tree get damaged, some sticky liquid oozes out from the tree trying to prevent the damage and infection. That is the sap.

It’s like humans, isn’t it? We get cuts, blood comes out, becomes sticky and then clumps, trying to protect the body.

I’m sure every rosin manufacturer has its own recipe, which has its own feel when playing, as well as their own colors.

I have one light color and one dark.

The rosin can be fragile, so try not to drop it.

(I’ve heard that the more fragile the rosin, the less extra ingredients are added.)

Actually, I’ve accidentally dropped rosin a couple of times on a hard floor and it broke into pieces.

Especially when it happens with a brand new rosin, it can really annoy you.

However, in such a case, you can put the peices on aluminum foil and warm them in an oven so that they melt and stick together again.

If the rosin is just cracked, you can warm it up, even with a candle.

Interesting, isn’t it?

Let’s talk more another time.

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