Today was the last lesson before your orchestra audition.

You are in the 5th grade.

You told me that you took the same audition last year while working with another teacher, but you didn’t pass it.  I remember.


Well, no one can control the results of an audition.

However, don’t you think that you worked harder and prepared better for it this time?


We did the pre-audition today during the lesson and you played your very best so far.

We worked together for 2 months for this audition and I’ve witnessed your progress , so from me, you get an A. 🙂

Do not worry too much and go to the audition showing what you can do for the judge.

“OK, thank you…”


Right before I went to bed last night,

it was very late…,

your worried face looking down,  came to my mind…

You do not know, but I’m praying for you.

This acutually happened on 12/8/2019 and the result was…:

Teacher! I passed the audition!

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