Which violin strings do you recommend?

There are so many different kinds of violin strings available today and it is even hard to choose.

There are basically three types: nylon strings, steel strings, and gut strings.

I will not take time to explain about them, but in short, I often recommend Dominant strings from Thomastik to start with, because I think it is very standard, good quality violin strings.

I’ve used them for a long time, before I gain more experience.

I think Dominant works well with any student violin and produce good sound.

First, you need to learn basic violin techniques as well as developping certain musicality, until you start to use a full-size violin.

After you get used to playing a full-size violin, you can certainly start trying different kinds of strings, depending on your preference.

Experimenting different strings can be fun, but it costs and it takes time.

I will talk more later about which strings I use, and impressions of other strings. 🙂

another arcitle: Violin Strings ID Chart

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