an important tip for 3rd poistion exercises on violin

3rd position exercise by Hohmann

“This is a third position exercise. You can play now.” 🙂    


    Oh! !! The way you played was very unique, which made me a little surprised !

    Do you know what is the purpose of this etude? ” 

    “Practice the Third position!”    

    “Yes. That means you need to play all the notes in the third position, so you stay in the position all the way through. Your hand stayed there, but it was amazing that you played almost all A, D, G and E with open strings. I’ve been teaching for a long time, but it’s my first time to hear someone play that way. 🙂

    It’s a very unique way of playing, and all the notes were correct. However, since it is a third-position exercise, you have to play all the notes in the 3rd position, including all the A, D, G, E with your fingers, not with the open strings. It is important to do so in order to be familiar with the fingering of the third position.


More article: Violin Shifting Tips: Introducing the Positions for Violin Vol.1, no.91, 97-99

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