Wohlfahrt 60 studies for violin, no.29 moderato

Wohlfahrt 60 Studies op.45 no.29 in A Major gives us opportunity to work on beginning slurred arpeggios.

wohlfahrt no.29

Intonation: work with harmony

Usually violinists have to work with other instrumentalists, like pianists and other string players, so that when we work on intonation, we need to think about playing in harmony.

I provided the harmony in the video down below, so that one can try working on the intonation with it.

Also, it is always good to check the pitch with open strings. We have 4 of them, G, D, A and E strings. By playing in tune with open strings, violins will ring very well. Of course, the violin need to be well tuned.

Slurred arpeggio

This is “beginning” slurred arpeggio in which we have to keep very good contact of the bow hair on each string while the bow moves very smoothly across the strings.

This etude uses 2 to 3 strings (to go across the strings), but eventually we’ll get to the 4 strings slurred arpeggio, which can be seen in Mendelssohn Violin Concerto first movement cadenza, which everyone longs to play.

We are preparing to play it by going through important violin techniques using Wohlfahrt 60 studies and others.


Moderato means moderately. I interpret as “you do not need to play too fast”. Find your moderato so that you can pay attention to your intonation and good sound.

Let’s practice together !

As I mentioned, this etude is played with harmony, with metronome, as well as melody only with metronome, section by section. Please check the time stamps and use the section as you wish.

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Happy Practicing !

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