Introducing the positions for violin, vol.1 no.177: A Major scale, 179, 180: shifting 1st/3rd/5th

no.177 A Major scale in 5th position

I’m playing the preparation in the recording. This gives you a little opportunity to work on shifting. Also, it is important your hand to be at the 5th position before you start playing the scale.

I recorded the scale with drone of A, so that one can hear the tonic while practicing the scale.

no. 179 and 180: Shifting from 1st to 3rd to 5th position

I’m clearly playing the grace note which is printed in the music. By doing so, you can work on shifting as well as get the sense of bringing your hand to the position you are aiming for (=changing the positions), and then get the note. That way, you can keep your hand in natural playing position all the time. When you shift, remember to bring your thumb to be at comfortable, right position. When you are at the 5th position, you can think of helping yourself by using the support of your whole arm, too. 😊

Let’s practice together !

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