Wohlfahrt 60 Studies for violin no.8 Largo

Wohlfahrt 60 studies op.45 can be the first etude book for the young violinists.

No.8 is Largo, which means Large, broad in Italian, so do not play too fast.

Also, it gives you an opportunity to work on legato with long slurs.

At the very beginning, it may be difficult to play long slurs with beautiful sound.

If that is the case, make the slurs devided as suggested below. It helps you to use more bow and you will be able to play with beautiful sound throughout.

Wohlfahrt no. is in the key of a minor. Work on a minor scale before you practice it.

If you can add dynamics differences, it would be wonderful.

In this Youtube video, I’m playing both types of slurs. Please use the time stamps and find the section which is useful for you.

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