Boccherini Minuet 【Suzuki Violin Book 2】

The last piece in the Suzuki Book 2 is Boccherini Minuet.
In the Shinozaki Violin Method, this piece is introduced in Volume 3, using grace notes and harmonics on the third position.

a little about Boccherini and his Minuet

Luigi Boccherini (1743-1805) is an Italian composer and cellist of the same era as Haydn and Mozart.
He was a very good cellist himself, so he composed cello concertos, cello sonatas, and also more than 100 string quintets (which is a string quartet with one more cello) and of course, he was playing them himself.

This Minuet is the 3rd movement of Boccherini’s string quintet (two violins, viola and two cellos), opus 275, which was written in 1775. It is a masterpiece of Boccherini, and it is very often performed alone.

About one hundred years later of the composition, Minuetto became very popular and people went for this piece. Also, there are piano arrangement of it and bring even more pupularity.

Let’s learn the musical terms in Boccherini Minuet [Suzuki Violin Book 2]

First of all, the minuet is a kind of dance in 3/4 time.

Moderato e grazioso means:
Moderato = moderately, not too fast
e = and
grazioso = gracefully

In other words, let’s play elegantly without playing too fast.

Let’s practice Boccherini Minuet [Suzuki Violin Book 2]with me !

I highly recommend that you practice the A Major and D Major scales before working on the Minuet itself.

This time, I made an arrangement for 3 violins of Boccerini Minuet based on the piano accompaniment of Suzuki Book 2. I played it in 3 different tempos ( or ‘tempi’): quarter notes = 84, 70, 63 with metronome. Please use the one that suits you, by using the time stamps and enjoy practicing !

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Happy Practicing !

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