Debussy – Ballet from Petite Suite: violin orchestra excerpt

It is wonderful to gain experiene playing in an orchestra since young age.

This is one of the orchestra audition exerpts for an orchestra for 6 through 9th grades.

It is Debussy – Ballet from Petite Suite, not the original, but the edition arranged by Sheinberg.

Claude Debussy (1862-1918)

Claude Debussy (1862-1918) is a 20th century French composer who is one of the most influential composers in impressionist music. “His mature compositions, distinctive and appealing, combined modernism and sensuality so successfully that their sheer beauty often obscures their technical innovation. Debussy is considered the founder and leading exponent of musical Impressionism, and his adoption of non-traditional scales and tonal structures was paradigmatic for many composers who followed.” (Philadelphia Chamber Music Society) His last completed master work was the Violin Sonata (1917).

How to prepare for the audition? Debussy – Ballet from Petite Suite: violin orchestra excerpt

1. Tempo and fingering are indicated, so auditionees must follow the direction.

2. It is true that as recommended recording, 16th notes are usually played off the strings.

However, many young violinists focus on trying to bounce the bow rather than playing with good sound, so I highly recommend to work on it on the string as I play, especially at the beginning stage of preparation.

3. Also, for some students, it is a challenge to play the tied notes accurately.

Good Luck !

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