Saint-Saens Dance Macabre 2nd Violin Part Practice Aid for young violinists


Saint-Saens Dance Macabre (Dance of Death) is very often played by youth orchestras for Halloween concert.

For young people, it is sometimes difficult to come in in the right time, so this practice aid would support their home practice.

Step 1: slow practice in 3

It is In this practice aid, the orchestra starts at m.124 and I start playing the 2nd violin part from the pick up of Letter C. You will hear the click of the metronome at Letter C as well.

It is a slow practice (quarter note = ca.135), even though in the fast tempi, conductors conduct in one, rather than in three.

By working in a slower tempo, you will be able to feel the pulse, count and listen to other parts of the orchestra while you are playing the 2nd violin part.

Since it is in a slow tempo, I’m playing all the notes ON the strings, which is a very important practice.

The first section of the recording will be with metronome, followed by the section without metronome.

Please note that the following recording has a wrong note (the last note of m.165)

Step 2: Start to feel in one

Once you started to feel more comfortable playing the notes, you are ready to speed up.

This time, the clicks are in one. Ideally, you should subdevide (feel in 3) in your mind while you are playing.

If you do not have much experience, it is very difficult to count, listen and watch at the same time, but you’ll keep trying. Never give up. Even it does not work at this point, you’ll get it in the future.

Also, you are important part of the orchestra. Other people in the same section are always playing, so watch others and listen others as well. You’ll always try to go with them, doing your best.

This recording contains the sections of

  1. with metronome
  2. NO metronome
  3. 2nd violin part to be less volume (NO metronome)
Saint Saens Dance Macabre 2nd violin pracctice aid

Enjoy and Good Luck for your concert !

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