How many notes can you play in one slur on the violin?

“You started learning the slurs last week, but you are doing very well.”

“I have a question!

How many notes can you play in one slur?

Well, as many as you wish, or a composer asks.

For example, can you open no.138 in Shinozaki Violin Method Vol.1?

You can see 5 notes in one slur.

In this book, probably this is the maximum number of the notes you will play in one slur.

But, let me find something in my library…

Look at this!

Kreutzer no.23


This is a part of Kreuzer 42 studies no.23.

As you can see 32 of 32nd notes are slurred at the beginning of this section.

Also, the measure which has red slurs has 65 notes in one bow,

but it is not practical, so I would divide the slur as I marked.”

“You have to play soooooooo fast !!!!!!!”

“Yes, but you will play it in the future.” 😊

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