“Teacher, I’m learning the 5th position now,

but what is the highest position on the violin?”

“Well, let’s see…Shall we count together ? 🙂

I can put my pinky at the edge of the fingerboard and play

B (highest note in the above music),

so for now, let’s say this is the highest position on the violin.

That means that the index finger falls on F .

Now, can you help me to count up while I’m going up each position of the fingerboard?

so that we can find out what position this very high B belongs to.

I’ll start with the 3rd position.”

“3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9……15 !”

“Well, then we can say that the highest position on the violin is the 15th position

However, we usually work on up to the 7th position using violin studies.

After that, you will encounter higher notes by playing many different types of music.

You will see higher notes more frequently in First Violin parts in orchestral music.

It’s something to look forward to !

Now, I’ll give you a quiz:

what is the lowest note we can play on the violin?

“mmm…… That is… G ! “

“Correct !

The G which you play as an open string.”

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