[Suzuki Book 1] Allegretto, Andantino


Starting no.10 Allegretto, we are now learning the pieces in D Major.

My students who use Shinozaki Violin Method Vol.1 with me, are already familiar with D Major, so these pieces are fun review.

It is important to practice D Major scale before working on the pieces.


Another thing we can practice before working on the pieces is the important rhythm. We can focus on the rhythm by using open strings, no left fingers.

What is Fermata?

Fermata indicates that the note should be held longer than the note value. You can decide how long you would like to hold.

“Can I hold forever?”

“If you want, 🙂 but you cannot go home, and the audience will leave. Is it OK with you?” 🙂

What is Rit. ?

Rit. is abbreviation of ritardando, which menas gradually slow down.

Let’s practice together!

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