Bach – Minuet 1 (violin duet)

First, we need to start with G Major scale and arpeggio.

Then, start practicing this piece.

Right below, you’ll find the recording of G Major scale, arpeggio and then violin duet.

I’m sure you enjoy playing this with your teacher, but at your home, you can use the recording.

Bach – Minuet 1

Bach – Minuet 1 (with piano accompaniment)

Especially if you have an opportunity to perform at a students’ recital, you may be able to play with your pianist.

You can try expressing dynamics of mF (midium loud) and p (soft) as you can see in the music.

Bach – Minuet 1

Bach Two Minuets in Suzuki Book 3

In the future, when you get to Suzuki Book 3, you’ll work on this piece (with ornaments) along with g minor Minuet. Please look forward to it.

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Another work by Bach

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