On Wing of Songs op.34-2 by Felix Mendelssohn for two violins, arr. by David [violin duet]



As you can see in the previous article,On Wings of Songis a very popular song by early romantic German composer, Felix Mendelssohn found in Introducing the Positions for Violin Vol. 1, which covers the 3rd and 5th positions. (The link is at the bottom of this article.)


a little about On Wings of Song

On Wings of Song is in German, Auf Flügeln des Gesanges, and it is one of the songs in his Six songs for voice and piano opus 34-2, composed in 1834.  The lyric is the poem of the same title by the German poet Heinrich Heine published in 1827.
The English translation of the poem is as follows:
On Wings of Song,
Sweetheart, I carry you away,
Away to the fields of the Ganges,
Where I know the most beautiful place.
There is a garden of red flax
In the quiet moonlight;
The lotus flowers
await their charming little sister.
The violets giggle and caress,
And gaze up at the stars;
Secretly the roses tell each other
Fragrant fairy-stories.
The pious, wise gazelles;
Hop near and listen
And far away
The sacred river’s waves roar.
There we will lie down
Under the palm tree
Peace and love and drink
And dream our blissful dream.
There is a solo piano transcription for this song by Franz Liszt. Moreover, this piece is played by different instruments with piano accompaniment, in addition to the original form for voice and piano.

On Wings of Song [violin duet]

I found an arrangement for two violins by David.
I played each part and put them together. 😊
In Introducing the Positions for Violin, Vol. 1, this song is written in A Major, versus the above violin duet arrangement is in D Major.
The link to the previous article about Introducing the Positions for Violin, Vol.1 no.210-212 is: https://www.dearviolinstudents.com/introduing-the-positions-for-violin-vol-1-no-210-211-212/1459/

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