Introducing the Positions for Violin Vol. 1 no.210: Drink to Me Only with Thine Eyes, 211: Swanee River, 212: On Wings of Song

no.210 Drink to Me Only With Thine Eyes

As the book says this is an old (17th century) English ballad. The poem was written by English poet Ben Jonson.
It is a love song. Lovers can enjoy feeling good looking at each other so that they do not need to drink wine. 😊
Andante means walking tempo.
Some students have difficulty getting the note on the last note D on m.8 on the 5th position. You can think the 2nd finger for D on the 5th position is the same place for the 4th finger, D on the 3rd position. By thinking this way, as well as listening to your inner pitch D in your mind, it will help you to play it in tune.  The string crossing comes right after you change the positions, which can be another little challenge.

no.211 Foster – Swanee River

Stephen Foster is an American song writer. Swanee River runs from State of Georgia to Florida in the United States. This Song has another name Old Folks at Home and it is an official state song of Florida.
Semplice means in a simple style.
There is a little note about him and 
another song by him, Old Black Joe
in the video, you can listen to,
in the article below,
if you are interested 😊 :

no.212 Mendelssohn – On Wings of Song

Felix Mendelssohn (1809 – 1847) is a German composer of the early Romantic period. He was also a pianist, organist, and conductor. He was a child prodigy, who had shown excellent musical talent. As a composer, he wrote many works that are widely known, such as “Violin Concerto,” “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” “Fingal’s Cave,” and “Songs Without Words.”
Andante tranquillo means Andante = walking tempo + tranquillo = calmly.
There is an arrangement for two violins by David which I played in another video: 

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