[Suzuki Violin Book 1] Lightly Row, Song of the Wind

All my students who learned Shinozaki Violin Method Volume 1, no. 1 through 145, now use Suzuki Book 1 and easily learn the songs.

Some pieces are already learned in different key in Shinozaki Violin Method Vol.1. For example Shinozaki Vol.1, no.48 is Lightly Row, no.49 (no slurs) and no. 61 (with some slurs) is Go Tell Aunt Rhody. and no. 132 is May Song. Now, students are learning the same pieces in A Major. Many of my students does not even remember they already played those pieces, but that is fine. Let’s be familiar with the key of A Major.

The following recordings contains violin duet as well as the second violin part only to support your home practice.

Lightly Row

Suzuki book 1 no. 2 Lightly Row

Song of the Wind

Suzuki Book 1, no.3 Song of the Wind

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Happy Practicing !

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